"A year ago we couldn't see a path forward to make this project happen. Today we have come together successfully, one university, one team," said ISU Athletic Director Pauline Thiros. 
Last week in its annual April meeting, the Idaho State Board of Education gave Idaho State University the green light to go ahead with its renovations of Davis Field.
The $4 million project will transform what was originally the Spud Bowl 90 years ago. Its historical impact is one of the reasons the university wants to continue to invest in it.
"The first ever live television broadcast done west of the Mississippi River, and it was the first ever telecast of a collegiate football game, right here, on our campus, at this location," said ISU President Kevin Satterlee.
Although it hasn't been home to Bengal football since 1973, Davis Field has served has the home venue for women's soccer, and a training facility for track and field.
The project will make necessary upgrades to ensure the ability for both sports to host competitions in the regular and post seasons for the first time in a decade.
"I want you to join me and picture in your mind's eye the future records which will be set in the venue, the championships that we're going to celebrate, the hours of training and teaching which are going to be invested here," said Thiros. 
Some of the upgrades include widening the soccer field, placing a brand new track, and a new area for field events on the field's south end.
Fans will also benefit from the renovation. Lights will be added for evening events, and the condemned bleachers on the red hill side of the field will be removed and replaced with a retaining wall and a grassy hill that will have seating.
Keeping tradition alive, but moving on to a new age in Bengal athletics.

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