Music rings throughout Idaho State's Holt arena Friday while the football team is away this weekend.

The marching band is still ready to perform, but this time for their annual mountain west festival.

ISU will hosts this festival for high school marching bands.

Thomas Kloss, associate director of the ISU athletic band, tells us a bit about the festival.

"Our annual time where all the high school marching bands can come and present their half-time shows, and we have a panel of judges that sit at the top, and they get feedback, they get educational experience, and they get ranked, and they win awards."

The line up of around 20 high school bands are mostly from schools in Idaho, but there is one out of state band.

Kloss mentions about which states usually come in for the festival, "typically we have some Montana or Wyoming bands, just the weekend didn't happen, so it's 21 Idaho bands and 1 Nevada band."

The festival also serves a second purpose.

ISU uses the opportunity to help with recruitment efforts for their own marching band.

Kloss tells us a bit about how they recruit during the event also. "We use this as one of our main recruiting tools as well. We're doing our Sinatra performance today and we got about a 6 minute show and we hope that they will look down and say oh I can be apart of that. We try to tell them throughout the day that you can go to college, be in the college band, get our college scholarships."

The bands will be playing throughout the day, performing halftime shows that they have been practicing for months.

On Saturday you'll be able to see plenty of high school bands throughout the state performing their festival shows at ISU.

The national anthem will be played at the start of the event.

Once all of the high school bands have played the ISU marching band will close out the event.

ISU will perform at 4 o'clock. Once the show ends, the award ceremony begins right after.

Tickets will be sold at the door, 10 dollars for adults and 7 dollars for children and seniors.

For more information on the event, visit their website at:


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