Stray dogs in Jefferson County now officially have a place to go.

Jefferson County doesn't have its own animal shelter, meaning before this, there was no place for stray dogs to go.

At a November 18 commissioners meeting, the county signed a contract with the Snake River Animal Shelter in Idaho Falls.

The agreement says sheriff's deputies can bring stray dogs, but not cats, to the Snake River Animal Shelter.

Shelter worker will try to locate dog's owner for three days, and then it will be put up for adoption.

Officials say having this shelter service will help educate pet owners about the importance of micro-chipping and spay or neutering their animals, which could save the county money.

"Sheltering services are expensive,” says Kristin Sanger the executive director of the Snake River Animal Shelter. 

“People don't realize that it's a 365-day-a-year operation. We always have animals in our facility. So if Jefferson County were to move in that direction, it's a significant cost and so if we can get animal owners to take accountability for their pets, then that will save their community a lot of money."

The shelter's capacity for dogs is 27, and Sanger says she expects a low number of Jefferson County strays.

The shelter will charge Jefferson County $35 per dog if the owner is not found, $10 per day per dog and a micro-chipping fee.

Jefferson County Commissioner Scott Hancock says this money will come out of an already budgeted fund of $3,000 for the rest of fiscal year 2020.


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