Jarrell Brantley grew up in South Carolina.
He played at the College of Charleston.
And after being the 50th pick in June's NBA draft, his life has changed dramatically.
"When I walk around people know who I am. Especially in Salt Lake because the fans are so big I can walk into the airport, like I walked into the airport and everybody was like 'you were the 50th pick,' and I'm like 'how do you know who I am?'," said Brantley.
Brantley was in Idaho for the first time ever Monday afternoon, spending time with Pocatello's Junior Jazz players.
Last year it was Georges Niang, but this year Brantley came up for games, Q&A, and a real game of basketball, first to ten points with some unbalanced teams.
But no matter how many kids were on the other team, Brantley didn't hold back.
"I try to have some fun, it's crazy the first thing (one of the kids) asked me when I came in he was like 'yo can you put me on a poster?' I'm like 'ah I don't know if I'm gonna jump today, he almost got one," said Brantley.
Having fun is one of the main reasons the Jazz come to the Gate City.
It gives kids the chance to interact with a professional basketball player, and it allows the players to show their personalities.
"This is important. I think just for the fans and for people to see that we're normal, it's amazing. So this is big, and I'm glad I got to do it."
Creating some new fans in a new part of the country, for this new guy in the NBA.

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