“Every year this winter wonderland comes to life."

The Youngstrom family in Rigby transforms a section of Labelle Lake into an ice palace. But, it’s the design of the palace itself that makes it so unique.

“You see the traditional things that are built out of ice and they’re usually just all bricks,” explains ice palace owner Jim Youngstrom, “they’re built like igloos and what we do, we’re able to create a natural look by having Mother Nature create the ultimate look. We built the internal part of out one hundred percent ice and then we have a very unique way of hitting it with the water and a mist that’s going to recreate an environment like Antarctica.”

It creates a structure that is solid ice with tunnels. But, the tunnels are strategically placed to create a shape. This year, it’s the shape of the state of Idaho.

“We have inside tunnels we have tunnels around the perimeter and there’s also live yeti’s on the premises so you kinda have to watch out for them,” says Youngstrom, “they’re usually up in the in the top of the ice crawling around somewhere and then the tunnels. You enter the tunnels and you’ll pop out hundreds of feet somewhere else it’s just amazing you’ll come out of the wall and that makes it a lot of fun.” 

It doesn’t stop with the structure. An ice slide, ice bars, sleigh rides and a fire show help create an overall family experience. They also added reindeer this year.

“Something that amazes me we’ve been doing this for four or five years and every time I see it I’m amazed what we’re coming up with,” says Youngstrom

And the family hopes that families who visit leave with the same feeling. The ice palace is open select days and times of the week. For more information you can visit labellelakeicepalace.com.


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