Republican candidate Nicholas Jones who's running for Idaho's first congressional district filed a lawsuit against Idaho Secretary of State Lawrence Denney Tuesday night. That lawsuit could affect East-Idaho voters.

Matt Braynard says, "They failed to uphold their word resulting in the disenfranchisement of countless Idahoans."

Braynard is the campaign manager for The Nicholas Jones for Congress campaign which filed lawsuit against Idaho's secretary of state's office election night after attempting to help more than 100 voters request their absentee ballots on the secretary of state's website.

Braynard says, "Almost 100 percent of our efforts to get them their absentee ballots failed because the site failed."

Voters had until 8 p.m. Tuesday to request their ballots on the site. Due to high traffic on election day, the site failed and voters received this message: "Please be patient and try again later, or use the paper form option if you have a printer available."

The lawsuit by the campaign seeks to remedy that problem. Braynard says, "And we're demanding that remedy to be a delay in the deadline, for them to fix their site, and allow us to get all the people who tried to register - to request an absentee ballot - to do so."

The campaign is requesting the deadline be moved back one week to Tuesday May 26.

Braynard says voters should not be punished adding, "There's no question here the state made a mistake. We have audio of the secretary of state's office telling us that we know it's broken."

While Jones is running in the first congressional district which West-Idaho voters will decide on, if the judge rules in favor of the lawsuit it will affect all voters in the state who were not able to request an absentee ballot on the secretary of state's website earlier this week.

Braynard says, "We're not just fighting this for our voters or just republicans; it's democrats, republicans, everyone who had difficulties because of this website problem."

Tomorrow evening a judge will decide whether or not to extend the absentee-ballot-request deadline on the secretary of state's website.

The secretary of state's office was not available for comment.


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