We are seven and a half weeks away from the general election.

Some of you may already recognize the name of someone that is no stranger to the campaign scene.

Lance Kolbet ran for the Idaho State Senate in 2010 and again in 2018.

He also is the former Republican Party Chair for Bannock County.

Kolbet is now running for Pocatello City Council, seat two.

“I have served on a number of boards where the budgets have been similar to the City of Pocatello and usually I find myself in a position on a board mostly because of my background in financial services,” says Lance Kolbet, Candidate, Pocatello City Council.

Kolbet is the owner of University Financial Group where he has worked doing insurance and investments for the last 26 years.

“I am very knowledgeable on issues of health-care.  I’m a registered health underwriter and been a past President of the Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, so my background has a lot to do with investments, insurance and I think that, that would be a skill set that would probably be well used at the City of Pocatello,” says Kolbet.

Kolbet says he wants better cost containment, specifically in the area of health-care for the benefit of the city employees.

He also wants to see a stronger relationship between the City of Pocatello and Idaho State University, because he says a key piece in attracting business to the area is to have a well-educated workforce.

And although he would like to see growth in Pocatello, he doesn’t want to see just any business move into the community.

“Just having more retail and more fast food, you know, I’m not a big fan of that.  We need to have the type of jobs that are going to pay much better, that are more technical in nature,” says Kolbet.

Other candidates running against Kolbet for Pocatello City Council, Seat Two are Beenish Mannan, Claudia Ortega and Colton Peterson.


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