Local business partners are parting ways.

Local business partners who invested in the Yellowstone Restaurant, the 313 Whiskey Bar and the Union Tap Room in Old Town Pocatello have split ways.

Former co-owner Denis Clijsters invested in the business with Mike McCormick, Rory and Jennifer Erchul in September of last year.

Clijsters says the partnership began to sour before it could ripen.

In a document on the Idaho Secretary of State’s website, an amendment was made back in April that removed Denis’s name off as one of the owners.

“Things didn’t work out well.  The communications started to end with disagreements and eventually I had to end up filing a lawsuit,” says Denis Clijsters, Former Co-owner of the Yellowstone Restaurant.

Clijsters says he invested $65,000 dollars in the beginning and owned 42 percent of the business.

“This was always my dream to be having this kind of business in this part of town,” says Clijsters.

Court records indicate that a lawsuit was filed by Clijsters back in July of this year against his former partners and co-owners.

The lawsuit was filed to retrieve some of the money he had put into the business.

All parties came to a settlement last week and on Friday a check cleared for $55,000 dollars to Clijsters.

Clijsters says that although he lost about $10,000 dollars and legal fees, in the end he says he doesn’t see it as a loss.

“I’m invested in Old Town and this money helped to create a business that’s in here now and I’m just across the street in the Fargo Apartments.  I’m right next door to Station Square.  Having this business here is definitely a plus.  It’s worth more than $10,000 dollars,” says Clijsters.

Clijsters is still co-owner of the Station Square building and the Fargo Apartment building in Old Town.

“This is a new beginning in a sense that the money I get back goes straight to investments I’m doing here, so I think this is a step forward, again they have now full ownership and I have my hands free to engage in other projects, so we’re going forward,” says Clijsters.

KPVI reached out to co-owners of the Yellowstone, Mike McCormick, Rory and Jennifer Erchul.

A statement sent to KPVI by Mike McCormick:

“In this country, everyone has the right to file a lawsuit alleging anything.  We also have the right to defend ourselves and Jennifer, Rory and myself denied and continue to deny every allegation Denis made.  Regardless, we decided to settle the lawsuit in order to avoid spending money on attorney fees and allow us to focus on the business.  As part of the settlement, we both agreed not to make disparaging statements about each other including but not limited to any statements about each other’s reputation for honesty, integrity, character, trustworthiness, or professional or business competency,”


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