"One of my employees last year kind of poked around the idea and it just was not good timing," says Kyle Benson at the Pony Express in Chubbuck. 

Due to one another location opening up in Idaho Falls and just not enough man power to carry out an event like this, Kyle Benson had to deny this idea from happening.

But as the year passed and the pandemic took effect, Benson thought this time around might be the perfect opportunity for a haunted car wash.

"That got me thinking a little more 'okay people can come here under the circumstances with their families, their good friends, people they associate with."

It costs the same as a regular car wash. Just with a bit of a spooky twist. 

This is the first time the venue has done this. Last weekend, Benson said the feedback was more than positive.

"I think a lot of people were very surprised at what they saw and how scared they got. "

So much so that drivers actually jumped out of their seats.

"I saw a lot of people, drivers ending up in their passengers laps."

The car wash is always making changes to the experience so that people don't get too comfortable with what they've already seen.

"If you didn't get scared in week one maybe we can get you scared in week too."

If you're looking to get your Halloween fix, the Pony Express in Chubbuck is worth the visit.

"Just an extra piece of the venue for the month of October to just come and have a good time." 

The Pony Express will continue doing this every Friday and Saturday through Halloween.


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