Some may have noticed a piece of the past mixed in with the present, but a developer of a new subdivision is preparing to let the past part go.

An old home that used to be hidden back behind some trees, now sticks out like a sore thumb among new homes where the past meets the present.

But developer Dave Bickley says not for long.

“There was a lot of trees around the house and I kind of took those down so I could prod her a little bit, to let her know that we were going to knock it down,” says Dave Bickley, ‘Riverside Greens’ Subdivision Developer and Property Owner.

The developer says he thinks the house was built in the 1920’s.

Now the dirt pushed up to the edge of the old house has pushed the long time tenant right out of her home.

“It was disappointing for her.  She had lived here for about 12 to 15 years.  The geese are in her yard all the time.  The deer come down here a lot and it’s probably the closest thing to the country you can get with having all the animals being right in the middle of town,” says Bickley.

Bickley says he’s been developing around the decades old house off of Bannock Highway for about a year now.

“Yeah it’s a real pain and it’s been a real pain for me because it’s the first ones that I’ve done and so I’ve wasted probably more time than I should trying to leave the house here instead of just taking it down from the start,” says Bickley.

Bickley and his crew are preparing the house to hand over to the Pocatello Fire Department to train in and ultimately burn it down.

Bickley says after that, he will continue developing the new ‘Riverside Greens’ subdivision with eight new homes and two twin homes and a new road.

“It’s a nice area out here.  It’s really quiet.  It’s nice to have the deer come down.  Nice to have the geese,” says Bickley.

Bickley says they plan on burning the house down in about a month and a half and the new development will begin in the spring.


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