This weekend hundreds of gymnasts across the western United States will pile into the Spokane Convention Center to compete for the Level 9 Western Championships.
The Idaho Falls training center is sending athletes for the second year in a row.
"We haven't had anyone high enough level until last year, and Alex made it last year and all three of the level 9s made it this year," said head coach Cayla Beutler.
This year, Alex Lacroix, Tasha Miller, and Olivia Dansie all qualified for the state meet in their first competition of the regular season.
They then advanced from state to regionals, and all placed top-7 in their age groups to qualify for westerns this weekend.
And they'll not only be representing their gym, but the entire east side of the state of Idaho, and they're some of the few to represent the entire gem state.
"It's a little nerve-wracking," said Miller.
"I think it's really cool, that we're the only ones. We were talking about it yesterday it's really impressive that we've worked so hard all season and we're the ones who made it, so it shows the hard work paid off," said Lacroix.
Beutler has been involved in the gym for almost 20 years, and she doesn't remember ever having an athlete from the gym represent at Westerns, let alone multiple over consecutive years.
She's excited to see the girls perform on a big stage and represent for the area, but also to show the younger gymnasts what kind of opportunities hard work can get them.
"Their little teammates that are here get to see their good days and their bad days and the learning process, and they can see the improvement as well and it kind of gives them hope that 'hey, maybe I can be there someday," said Beutler.

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