A local politician took to social media Friday to address his concerns about Boise State University.

Chad Christensen is the State of Idaho Representative for District 32.

His Facebook post was in opposition of the gender-neutral bathrooms at BSU.

In the post, Christensen said, "This is happening courtesy of the new uber-liberal president, Marlene Tromp. President Tromp, in your quest to implement your atrocious leftist agenda; you have opened up Idaho taxpayers to possible lawsuits. The liability issue regarding these bathrooms could be outrageous."

BSU created gender-neutral bathrooms on campus in 2016. Well before Tromp became president of the university.

Hundreds of people commented in strong opposition to Christensen with some even calling him an internet troll.

To those, Christensen says he is working to preserve traditional Idaho values.

District 23 Representative (R) Chad Christensen says, "You know those values include keeping men and women's bathrooms separate, keeping boundaries between men and women, so you're not intertwining that possibility of dangers and, you know, it's quite traditional in this state, to respect each gender."

Christensen is currently promoting a petition that would lower state funding to BSU as a way to put pressure on the university to uphold those traditional Idaho values.

KPVI will have more details on the story tomorrow.

To see Christensen's original Facebook post, visit https://www.facebook.com/IdahoLiberty/posts/548227935919018


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