Local Leaders Hold Conference Call For COVID-19 Protocol

Elected officials met Tuesday morning to speak about how the lines of communication would occur during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Bannock County Commissioner Steve Brown recapped what the call helped clarify for mayors in the county.

"So we're trying to establish those clear lines and avenues of communication on a regular basis. Setting expectations so that the mayors of each city in the county know where we're at and what's expected and what their responsibilities are as well in this process".

Another reason the call took place was to help make the most informed decision on a county level.

Steve said, "we're trying to make that broader decision, but include the mayors in those decisions so that we can unified in our approach".

The call also helped clarify what is taking place under the current Declaration of Emergency for Bannock county.

Commissioner Brown explains what can be done,"that allows us to do couple things. First of all use resources across jurisdictional lines that's a big one, also opens up opportunities for reimbursement funds from the state and federal governments, and another one this meeting is a good example".

Future meetings will be held to continue the much needed lines of communication to help protect the residents of bannock county.


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