Local moms ramp up their effort to feed kids during school shutdown

Earlier this week we told you about two local moms handing out sack lunches during the school shutdown. Today, those moms are expanding their free-lunch program.

Olivia Bobish and Andrea Vialpando started handing out pre-packaged sandwiches at a park on Wednesday afternoon to kids who need it.

The two were paying for it out of pocket.

After the story aired on KPVI, a sponsor reached out to the two moms and offered to help. Now, the two ladies and their kids are handing out food at Cotant Park in Chubbuck and Caldwell Park in Pocatello. They plan to continue handing out sandwiches next Monday through Friday (March 23 through March 27) from 12:30 p.m. until food runs out. Originally, the two planned to stop Friday March 20.

Cars can pull up to the curb and request a sack lunch no questions asked.

The Pocatello/Chubbuck School District ( No. 25) will start a food program on the March 30, but the two mothers wanted to help until then. If needed, they may continue their lunch program in conjunction with the school district's efforts.

They say times like these the community needs to come together.

Andrea Vialpando says, "We're still citizens of the world and we need to remember it's not about just hunkering down, even though that's what they're asking. There's people who still need help even though we're hunkering down."

Bobish and Vialpando say parents who need help feeding their kids while school is out can request a sack lunch delivery to their home by reaching out to either of the two women via private message on Facebook.

Contact Vialpando: https://www.facebook.com/andrea.vialpando.9

Contact Bobish: https://www.facebook.com/olivia.bobish



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