Monday night, organizations from the Pocatello area gathered at Pocatello City Hall to start the conversation about renewable energy.
The League of Women voters hosted a panel of professionals on the subject from around the region, to show citizens what kind of impact it can have,
"We are exploring what it would take for Pocatello and Chubbuck to go 100 percent renewable," said Linda Engle with the Portneuf Resource Council.
One of the groups present was Solarize Pocatello, a non-profit that launched this year that hopes to bring solar power to people in the area.
Among the panelists was Boise public works director Steve Burgos, who talked about their plan to convert to 100 percent renewable electrical energy resources by 2040.
"It's been a really great learning experience, we've learned a ton of what to do, and maybe what not to do in the future. One of the good news stories, it's actually net positive, we're producing more energy than we're using, and that's been a really interesting ride," said Burgos.
According to Boise's energy future plan, the 21-year implementation plan is estimated to save the community $690 million dollars on electricity payments.
As for Pocatello, this is just a first step, but now with the help of Boise and organizations like Solarize Pocatello providing easier access, it can help the idea charge up.
"There are a variety of different commitments that cities are making around the country, and we'd like to be one of the first ones in Idaho to do that," said Engle.

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