Local parents organize rally for full reopening of SD-25

As School District 25 has been open for nearly a month under the new hybrid system, some parents have said that it's not enough.

That is why a group of local parents have decided to organize a rally to express their concerns for schools to fully reopen.

Jonny Fisher, organizer of the 'Patriot Rally', explained why they are holding this event.

"So the whole purpose of this rally is to try to influence the school boards vote. So they vote again, they vote every 2 weeks, right, on whether or not to open schools back up. As far as sports go we already have full sports, but we'd want to continue that."

The rally hopes that students can return to school full-time claiming that there has been more negatives than positives with the new system.

Jonny Fisher said, "We've had very poor education, very little instruction going on. We have very little relationship building, these kids are not able to go out and socialize. We've socially distanced them."

With the new system being implemented for SD-25, their goal on ensuring the continuation of learning remains a primary goal.

Courtney Fisher, communications and community relations specialist for SD-25, wanted to remind the community that the schools would love to have students back in full-time.

"Nobody wants our learners back in school, full-time five days a week, more than our board, more than our administrators, more than our teachers, more than our parents. We are just faced with some really challenging circumstances right now and we're trying to navigate through those circumstances to the best of our ability while still fulfilling our educational promise to our community."

The School Board has wanted to reassure the community that they continue to reassess the current situation every 2 weeks and proceed forward with information from everyone.

Courtney Fisher mentioned, "Our board will have a special meeting to reassess, away that all the communications we have been receiving, look at the recommendation from the health department, we've been talking to teachers to see how its going in the classroom and pull all those factors together to make a decision moving forward."

SD-25 will have another meeting to reassess the current situation on Friday Sept. 18th at 9am.

Community members can communicate with them through their email address or discussion page on Facebook.

For more information on the 'Patriot Rally', visit the event's Facebook page.

For information on how SD-25 is proceeding during the pandemic, visit here.


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