Local Perkins Restaurants Remain Open Amid Bankruptcy

One restaurant chain closed locations across the United States in early August as the parent company filed for bankruptcy. A local branch survived the cut.

If you've been to Perkins Family Restaurant in Pocatello, chances are you've met Vicki.

Server Vicki Hopper says, "I think we're here to stay. We've got a good thing going."

Vicki is just one of the many employees at Perkins who will get to keep her job. That was not the case for employees at 10 other locations across the country earlier this month.

Part Owner at Perkins Pocatello Stan Hales says, "And then they closed some of their nonperforming stores. In order to somehow do that, they had to take out the bankruptcy."

That bankruptcy was filed by Perkins & Marie Callendar's LLC. Perkins is being sold and the company's President and CEO Jeff Warne said, "Our intention moving forward is to minimize disruptions and ensure that the sale process is as seamless to our guests, employees, and vendors as possible."

This means for servers like Vicki, work will continue to be enjoyable.

Vicki Hopper says, "It's a family feeling. It's not so we got to check with this, check with this, call corporate, check that email. So, it's nice that way."

It's that family feeling that has everyone from Perkins in Pocatello feeling confident about this location's future.

Stan Hales says, "I think this location is still a prime location and I think we've got a good enough reputation that we're looking for growth. So, we're very positive."

If you're a Perkins fan in Idaho Falls there's no need to worry, that location will also remain open.


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