A local running club cleaned up a popular running and bike trail over the weekend.

The Pocatello Running Club held a ‘City Creek Trail Cleanup.’

The club says they use the trails every day and so they want to give back.

About 20 people from the club came out with shovels and garbage bags to clean up the lower parking lot and the lower main trails.

Running club members say with the elevation and access to the trail system, Pocatello has a shining gem.

“This is one of the greatest things in this area, is that we’ve got essentially 50 miles of uninterrupted full access trails that we can use.  You draw in because of that, you draw in national and international level trail runners.  It’s just an amazing treasure that Pocatello has,” says Steve Merrell, Pocatello Running Club.

The Pocatello Running Club does a ‘City Creek Cleanup’ once in the Spring and once in the Fall.


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