A local ski area tells KPVI what happened to their ski lift on Sunday. 

Pebble Creek Ski Area officials say the Skyline lift stopped working on Sunday morning just before 11 a.m. 

Dozens of skiers were stranded on the lift for about an hour. 

Officials say they rope evacuated about 35 people down from the lift. 

Pebble Creek’s Dana Kmetz says that although this is not a common occurrence, they train for situations like this throughout the year. 

“Patrol and management carry self-evac gear so they can get themselves off the lift, so if that were to happen and they can get themselves off and assist others right away and we go through several trainings per year where we will take turns putting one of us in a chair and then another team to evac them off and take turns and keep training,” says Dana Kmetz, Pebble Creek Ski Area Guest Services. 

Kmetz says the cause of the lift stopping was a mechanical issue that triggered the emergency brake. 

Skyline lift is up and running now and is in full operation. 


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