Barrie’s Ski and Sports in Pocatello has put together a museum with the history of Pebble Creek for their 70th year anniversary.

“The vertical, we have over three thousand vertical in a short distance and if you can ski Pebble Creek, you can ski anywhere,’ says Barrie Hunt, Barrie’s Ski and Sprots.

And those of you that have ever dropped down into ‘Al’s Drop,’ you know what we’re talking about.

“That is our claim to fame.  It’s steep and a lot of bumps and they can’t even groom it, so every year you will have bumps and very steep at ‘Al’s Drop’ and it’s named after Albert Ellis, that was a very, very good skier that came out of Pebble Creek and was kind of a US renowned skier,” says Barrie Hunt.

From a rope tow, to a Palma lift, to a chair lift, Pebble Creek has come a long way since it first opened 70 years ago, with the original name being ‘Skyline.’

Barrie takes us back in time with a little history lesson on the ski area with a museum that Barrie’s Ski & Sports put together to commemorate Pebble’s 70th anniversary.

“Pebble Creek, Skyline is really special in our hearts here at Barrie’s and also really special in the community.  Anybody that has actually been up at Pebble, it’s a really special area.  It kind of has a quaint, everybody is friends up there no matter what.  Everybody skies together and it just has a really special feeling,” says Jill Hunt, Barrie’s Ski & Sports.

Barrie says the museum highlights how the ski industry and the ski area has changed over the years.

“The rope tow was so heavy when I was a younger kid that I couldn’t pick up the rope tow to hang on to it.  It would slide through my hands and my gloves and my gloves would wear out,” says Barrie Hunt.

Barrie’s wife Jill shows the difference in the size and style of the skis from the past to the present.

“From the little straight skinny skies to the shaped skies, you’re able to venture out a lot more.  Before you would kind of stay right into the area, now you see a lot of people going off the back side or out of bounds on the ski area,” says Jill Hunt.

Pebble Creek will celebrate its 10 year anniversary up on the ski hill on Saturday with festivities like raffles, equipment giveaways and a light torch light parade that starts at 7 p.m.

You can still check out the museum at Barrie’s Ski & Sports for a couple of more weeks.


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