What started as stairs up to a dance garden, are now an iconic view in Pocatello, but Father Time has not been kind to them.

Linda Jacobsen lives across from the Stairway to Heaven, a set of stairs built into the side of the mountain in the City Creek Area, and an icon in this area since the 1920s.

But the stairs have become damaged over time from natural degradation, and now she's looking to save the stairs starting a campaign to get them fixed.

Jacobson said "I set up the Facebook post thinking I would get three or four shares... We could get some interest and it just ignited... It's just gone crazy and I'm happy… I'm just so happy that everyone is so involved in wanting to become a part of this..."

Anytime of day, anytime of year, you can see somebody climbing these stairs whether it is for recreation, getting a good look at the view and exercise.

Jacobsen also said "People love these stairs living where I live daily.. Literally daily i see people exercising... Photo shoots, wedding photo shoots, prom photo shoots, and I mean just family pictures with people sitting on them with their family... And that's why I got concerned with the danger"

The slanted steps and the damaged concrete have become a hassle. A city representative came out to take a look and confirmed it's a problem, but after some digging they found out the city doesn't own the stairs.

The county is responsible for their upkeep, and Jacobson is now reaching out to them, and is unsure the next step to take until she gets in touch with them.

Jacobson explains her view moving forward "There is so many people involved and so many people that want to be involved and people suggesting to set up a go fund me which I’ll probably do everyone seems willing to open up their pocketbook right now..."

We reached out to the county alongside Linda, but have yet to receive a response.

But the save the stairs campaign has seen plenty of responses, from people as far as New Hampshire and Norwich, England.


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