Local Woman Reacts to EPA's Decision Involving Cyanide

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency has taken a step to re-authorize a predator-killing poison that injured a local boy and killed his dog two years ago.

Last Tuesday they announced an ‘interim’ decision that involves sodium cyanide that’s used in M-44’s.

The EPA determined that ‘based on the low number of cyanide incidents reported, there doesn’t appear to be a concern at this time.’

The ‘lawn sprinkler looking’ devices spray cyanide when they are triggered by animals attracted to bait.

The Mansfield family from Pocatello filed a lawsuit against the U.S Government after a cyanide trap injured their son and killed their family dog.

The Mansfield’s say their fight continues.

“They’re trying to bring them back.  We’re still fighting.  What they want to do is create more regulations for wildlife services but the problem with that is they already have lots of regulations and when they poison my child and killed my family dog, they didn’t follow any of their regulations, so to me, adding more regulations doesn’t fix it.  It’s deadly.  It’s poison.  I mean for god’s sake, it’s cyanide,” says Theresa Mansfield, Pocatello.

The EPA says between January 1, 2013 and April 16, 2018, there were two reported incidents involving the poison.

Mansfield says she encourages everyone to get involved and write letters to government leaders and have a voice in the matter.


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