Local Woman Says She Has Unauthorized Charges on Card After Paying Utility Bill on City Portal

On Friday KPVI told you about the City of Pocatello investigating unauthorized access to payment card information for people using the online portal to pay utility bills.

Now KPVI has talked to a local woman who says she was one of the many Pocatello residents that had unauthorized charges on her card.

“I went and got my hair cut, went to pay for the haircut and it was, my card was declined,” says Kathi Galloway, Pocatello.

That’s when Pocatello resident Kathi Galloway discovered there was an issue with her card.  She immediately went to her credit union where they found several random unauthorized charges.

“I had four that had gone through and four that were pending and they were all Lyft Rides, which I’ve never used in my life,” says Galloway.

Along with a Door Dash charge for a restaurant she had never even heard of.

There was a total of about $206.00 dollars worth of unauthorized charges on her card.

After seeing the story on KPVI, she says it clicked as to what happened to her card.

Kathi says she uses the City of Pocatello’s online portal almost every month to pay her utility bill and she doesn’t use that card for anything other than making payments.

“I just went ah ha! That’s where it came from because I hadn’t given the card out to anybody or the number out to anybody, so it had to be there,” says Galloway.

On Friday the City of Pocatello told KPVI exclusively that they recently learned of payment card information for certain people using the online portal to pay their utility bills, may have been subject to ‘unauthorized access’ and they are investigating and working with the portal provider along with cyber-security experts to determine the nature and scope of this event.

“It makes me angry that, you know they want you to do electronic stuff.  They want you to pay that way.  They want you to get your bill that way and yet when you do it, you can be hacked.  It’s irritating.  I’m more angry at the people that are doing it because they’re thieves,” says Galloway.

Comment after comment on Facebook of other Pocatello residents sharing how they too have many unauthorized charges after paying their utility bill on the City of Pocatello’s portal.

“It’s a pain in the neck to fix it and I got lucky because what I saw on comments, there were people who had a lot more taken out than I did,” says Galloway.

One Pocatello resident posted on Facebook that they got her for $762.00 dollars for an airline charge in Turkey.

“I mean I realize it happens but I’m the one that gets to clean up the mess, and hopefully the charges will be reversed off,” says Galloway.

KPVI will continue to follow this story as the City of Pocatello says additional information will be shared as it becomes available.


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I pay my bill with the city online. I had 2 charges for Uber in California. I have text alerts so I found out immediately. Had I not had these alerts they would have wiped out my account and I was just paid.


Thank you for running this story. I paid my water bill through Pocatello’s Portal on September 13th. I just checked my account and there has been 4 New York Uber charges since I paid my bill totaling just over 50 bucks. I appreciate the heads up.

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