A local woman who was tested and found negative for Covid-19 says she went through a lot before getting her test results.

KPVI’s Deanne Coffin shares her story.

Brianna Warth has been posting on Facebook about her experience of being tested for Covid-19 in early March.

She says in her post that she traveled to Germany and when she returned home she became ill with a high fever and a sore throat.

She decided to get tested for the Corona-virus.

She went to Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello to be tested and when she arrived they gave her a mask and put her in  quarantined area.

“All the staff seemed nervous, obviously and kind of panicked, just because I don’t think anyone really was prepared for this,” says Brianna Warth.

Brianna says they tested her for a variety of things, including the Covid-19 virus.

“So they stick like a long bendy q-tip all the way up your nose, which is definitely not comfortable.  So I had to be tested the first time for like the full panel to see if I had anything else and then I was tested for the Corona-virus and the first test that she took, she actually dropped on to my bed when she was trying to put it into the test tube, so then I had to be tested again,” says Brianna.

Brianna says the hospital allegedly gave her instructions not to tell anyone that she was tested for the Corona-virus.

“I have three younger siblings that we didn’t tell their schools or my work or anyone that I was being tested because they wanted to avoid panic and hysteria,” says Brianna.

She says she was then sent home with instructions to self-isolate until she received her test results in two to three days.

When Brianna called for her test results, she was told that it would be another seven days.

Brianna alleges that even before she got her test results back, her medical privacy was violated.

“My mom had got a phone call from my aunt who was walking into Walmart behind two Portneuf nurses, who were in scrubs, had Portneuf nametags on and they were saying that the first confirmed case of Covid-19 had happened in Pocatello and so my aunt kind of like started listening in because she heard it and then one of the nurses asked the other nurse who the patient was and she said a 20 year old with the last name Hinkley, because the hospital had made a mistake and put my maiden name on the records.  So they used my maiden name and my aunt obviously knows that I’m 20 and knows that my maiden name is Hinkley,” says Brianna.

Brianna says she has filed a formal grievance with the hospital and they did call her after that.

“So they did apologize to me, but I felt like that conversation was not, the only reason they contacted me was because of my Facebook posts,” says Brianna.

The good news is Brianna’s test results came back negative for Covid-19.

KPVI reached out to Portneuf Medical Center who gave this statement:

“Because of our legal obligation to respect every patients’ privacy, we are unable to comment on any individual situation.  We can assure you that we take every patient concern extremely seriously and follow up with a thorough investigation.”


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