A popular paranormal show just shared their experience at a local school on Cable Television.

Lisa Brian from the Spiral Paranormal Group says she was contacted by the national television show earlier in the year to see if there was a building in Pocatello that would fit their criteria for the show.

She suggested Pocatello High School and months later a film crew showed up in May for a week to interview staff and students about their experiences and stories at Poky High.

“I have had my own personal experience in that same hallway.  Last year I had a group with me and we were talking a little bit about the story and how there is definitely somebody taking care of the school and as we were talking about that and the story of the lights and some different things, the light in the bathroom we were standing next to turned on all by itself and the entire group was like what just happened and I said, see I tell you there’s somebody here taking care of this building, all the toilets flushed at the same time,” says Lisa Brian, Spiral Paranormal Group.

The school sold shirts saying “We Have Spirits, Yes We Do” and locals got together for watch parties to see what paranormal activity could be found inside the century old building.

One teacher says she’s glad investigators debunked security camera video showing what some thought was apparitions in the hallway.

“Well I was worried because the whole cob web thing, that was right outside my classroom,’ says Anne Koski, Pocatello High School Teacher.

“I’m just very excited that we had the opportunity to have the national recognition for our town, for our city and for this amazing, beautiful building that’s here and so that is really, I think pretty special that we got to be a little part of sharing a little of our history,” says Brian.

Brian says they will be selling tickets to their haunted history tour at the end of this month and their first tour will be October 12th.


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