Brittney Williams, Respiratory Therapist who won for this month

Brittney Williams, Respiratory Therapist who won for this month

Pocatello Electric is giving back to the community by giving away a mattress for the next five months to front-line workers.

This month's category for a winner was a healthcare worker and the winner was Brittney Williams, a respiratory therapist.

Brittney was nominated by her mom since she was selfless and decided to volunteer in New Jersey when the pandemic was at its highest point.

Brittney's volunteer work was a success and she came back and quarantined for two weeks, but once she went back to work as a respiratory therapist at the hospital, she wound up contracting coronavirus and is still recovering.

Jolene Wolford, Brittney's Mother, Downey Resident said, "To see her get something back for all of her caring and giving because she goes into everything headstrong, doesn't matter what the cost is to her or what it could cost her in the long run, she's more about helping anybody."

The next nomination category for July will be front line workers such as firefighters, EMT's, paramedics, and military.

To nominate anyone in this category to win a mattress, email


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