Cars drive along on a busy Yellowstone Ave Tuesday, just days after a fire gutted the 5 Mile Inn Bar and Grill.

This once busy bar has unfortunately had to shut its doors.

As the flames grew engulfing the bar, memories of years past went in flames with it.

Doug Hagen, owner of the 5 mile inn, said of the bar "been here forever you know there's a lot of history, a lot of nostalgia, lot of good people have come and gone. Waylon Jennings played there back in the day, just there's a lot of history, that's just a landmark that's gone. You don't get landmarks back."

A landmark has truly been taken from the community as many patrons would visit quite often.

Bar employees and patrons were extremely close with one another considering themselves as family.

Described as an Idaho "Cheers" type bar, it grew to be a favorite watering hole for those in the community.

Kimm Jenkins, manager and bartender, said of the 5 mile inn atmosphere "I mean it's a family, everybody that goes in there is like cheers. Everybody knows your name."

The patrons weren't the only ones that were like family to Doug and the 5 mile inn.

Community members have reached out to Doug about helping temporarily hire his now unemployed staff.

Doug said that "other companies, businesses around town have been great, been reaching out, offering jobs to my employees. Which is awesome but they can only borrow them, I want them back."

While the investigation is still on going there are plans of rebuilding the 5 mile inn and making it even better than before.

The changes will only be cosmetic as Doug has stated he wants to keep the same 5 mile inn charm.

He wants to continue that Idaho "Cheers" feeling.

And while you might not get that cheers like greeting anymore the 5 mile inn is still looking forward to the future and for brighter memories ahead.

They are looking forward to move past this heartbreak, and like the phoenix rise up again from the ashes to their former glory.

Doug had one thing to say to everyone. "Just let everybody know we will be back, bigger, better, newer."

For more information on fundraiser events for the employee and the band, you can visit their Facebook page following the link below.


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