Sometimes big ideas come in little packages. One group of kids proves you can never be too young to start a business.

Entrepreneur and 10 year-old, Rose Farrell says, "I sell freshwater oysters. So, I bring them and you pick one out, and you open it, and they have six pearls and they are real pearls, and you put them in earrings, bracelets, or necklaces."

Farrell is just one of more than 30 kids who is learning about entrepreneurship at Wealth Mentality Families in Pocatello.

Wealth Mentality Families CEO Nephi Zufelt says, "They can do this. From a very young age, these kids can start learning principles. They can start businesses. They can start applying it and have success, and who knows what that's going to lead them to in the future."

Wealth Mentality Families offers classes to kids from eight to 18 as a way to help them see that they can be successful entrepreneurs in their community.

Entrepreneur and 11 year-old, Asher Farrell says, "I didn't really know I had all these ideas I have, like, I thought I would have just a small idea, but just hearing about other ideas has sparked just a whole bunch of things that run into my mind."

All those ideas that the Farrell siblings, and other participants of the program, have will be put to the test Saturday at the Young Entrepreneur Conference at the Red Lion Hotel.

Entrepreneur and 14 year-old, Darin Miller says, "I'm working on, anyways, my pitch for this Saturday. I'm going to be talking about basically creating some type of content, or course, that helps kids to develop their talents."

Participants, like Miller, will pitch their business ideas to local business owners and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur and 10 year-old, Ainsley Zufelt says, "I'm pretty nervous, but I'm excited too to start and show my business idea."

Pitching a business plan to professionals can be nerve racking but when a cash prize is up for grabs, these young entrepreneurs are up to the task.

Rose Farrell says, "If I get that money, I want to use it to get more stuff for my business to expand it, to get it larger."

The Young Entrepreneur Conference on Saturday is free to the public.

To learn about registration, visit


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