A new student housing project coming to Pocatello may bring benefits to the city.

“This is definitely a first for the university and for the City of Pocatello, to provide ‘class A’ student housing, something different than has been offered in the past,” says Don Zebe, Commercial Real Estate Broker.

Commercial real estate broker Don Zebe says that’s why they decided to build, what they are calling ‘Elevate at Pocatello.’

He says Pocatello doesn’t have any ‘class A’ student housing.

Zebe says the amenities that will include a full gym, study halls, lounge, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, 200 covered parking spaces and sky walks connecting the two multi-level story buildings, are what classifies the student housing as a ‘class A’ facility.

“Each unit will have whether a studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom or four bedroom units, but each one of the units and bedrooms are going to have their own restroom, which is a real amenity to students, that they don’t have to share a bathroom with six other students,” says Zebe.

What used to be the Bannock Hospital, will now be the site of the new 177 unit student housing right near the Idaho State University campus.

“It gives a choice to the students that want to live in something different and especially live right here on campus.  You look at the proximity of this new facility, it’s going to be right here on the university campus where the university can literally take ownership of the project itself, because it’s going to be offered to their students,” says Zebe.

But Zebe says students aren’t the only ones that will benefit from the new facility.  The City of Pocatello also will see some perks.

“Well it’s definitely going to bring some jobs to build this.  It’s going to add about 25 million dollars to the tax rolls which is going to be a real benefit to the citizens of the community as well as the university,” says Zebe.

Zebe says they plan to break ground for the new student housing in early spring and will be open to students to live in by the fall semester of 2021.


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