Back in February we told you about an officer-involved shooting in Pocatello that left one man dead. Today, the report is in and the officers involved have been cleared.

Warning to readers/viewers: This story contains graphic content.

Dash cam footage from a Pocatello police cruiser from the night of February 25, 2020 has been released to the public.

On that night, officers responded to a 911 call and upon arrival at the scene, 23-year-old Neal Nevada charged officers.

In his hands were two kitchen knives. According to reports and the video, each blade was longer than six inches.

In the dash cam footage, Nevada is seen running off camera and you can hear officers firing eight times. According to police, five of the eight shots hit Nevada.

Pocatello Police Chief Roger Shei says,"In this situation the officers only had seconds to react when Mr. Nevada closed the distance by charging in a sprint with the two knives towards the officers."

Nevada was pronounced dead on scene.

Chief Shei says, "For deadly force to be implemented according to Idaho code the officer has probable cause to believe the resistance poses a threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or to other persons."

The East Idaho Critical Incident Task Force investigated the incident and the Twin Falls County Prosecutor found the officers had a "justifiable fear for their safety."

That decision is based off witness interviews as well as evidence. Some of that evidence can be found in the released footage.

Evidence like: The officers are easily identifiable to Nevada at the scene. They are in full uniform and the police vehicle's emergency lights are turned on. Officers can also be heard ordering him to stop as he runs towards them. Only after do they shoot.

After shooting Nevada, officers located the knives and moved them out of the way for safety reasons. They then attempted life saving techniques.

The Pocatello Police Department was not available for further comment.


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