The Bannock County Fair may be over, but fair organizers are still talking about what a success it was.

County officials are already in the planning stages for next year’s event.

With some of the biggest attractions they’ve had, such as the elephants and the Ned LeDoux show that packed the house, Bannock County Commissioner Ken Bullock says this year’s fair was by far one of the most successful events in Downey yet.

“If you didn’t get there early, you didn’t get a seat.  All of the evening performances, whether it was rodeo related or concerts, it was wall to wall.  We had a lot of people there everywhere,” says Ken Bullock, Bannock County Commissioner.

Bullock says without a way to track their attendance, they don’t have any official numbers on fair attendees, but he says many of the vendors reported that revenue was up from the previous years.

They also had to build new buildings at the fairgrounds to accommodate record number entries.

“Because we don’t charge anything, people can come from all directions and it’s almost difficult to, other than just eyeball it or maybe do some fancy technology with some drones,” says Commissioner Bullock.

Bannock County Fair officials say it costs about $100 thousand dollars to put on this event.

“With our staff that we have to put maintenance costs in, bring the entertainment in and with that it all comes out of a budgeted amount that the fair board controls and it comes out of a fair board levy,” says Commissioner Bullock.

The commissioner says they also put in a new rodeo arena floor at the county’s expense this year.


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