In another ‘Proud to be Local’ series, we meet up with a store owner in Old Town Pocatello.

KPVI’s Deanne Coffin went to a quaint little corner store on Main Street where she met with the owner and vendor who both say they take pride in selling local items.

You can’t help but gaze over at the Poky Dot Boutique on the corner as you drive down Main Street in Old Town Pocatello.

Welcome signs lined up out front are inviting as you pass by.

That includes tourists who come in looking for that special unique gift from their journeys.

“They love the fact that, that’s probably the first thing, are your vendors local and they want to know that.  They want to buy something from here to take home or for a gift and they want it to be something that was made local,” says Susan Byington, Owner, Poky Dot Boutique.

Poky Dot has about 25 local vendors that make handcrafted items and bring them into the boutique to be sold,” says Byington.

“I have a story for every vendor.  I could tell you a story about each person and what they’re doing.  I have a mom with little twins and this helps her support her income and gives her a hobby and something to fulfill her life.  I have a lady who just got really sick all of a sudden and the only thing that is keeping her going is being able to make things for this store,” says Byington.

One of the local vendors makes handcrafted soaps and lotions from goat’s milk and has all natural ingredients, which is popular with shoppers.

“There has to be a quality product and in order for me to see people repeatedly around here, because those are my customers and they become our friends.  When they find something that works well for them, that they love, it is a sense of pride and it doesn’t dome from New York City,” says Luana Lish, Local Vendor, Rapid Creek Soap Co.

“That’s our goal is to keep everything local and keep almost all of the merchandise, minus the clothing, to keep the majority of it local and locally made,” says Byington.

Poky Dot Boutique will be participating in the Parklet event in Old Town Pocatello on Saturday and the Pumpkin Festival on October 5th.


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