For nearly 50 years one center has provided free health care to Southeast Idaho.

It was a big day for one local clinic Tuesday.

Pocatello Free Clinic Board Chair Sherrie Joseph says, "So, the Pocatello Free Clinic is very excited to accept a $7,500 donation from ON Semiconductor. This is the third year of their sponsorship of the Pocatello Free Clinic."

That donation came in the form of a grant.

ON Semiconductor Vice President Ryan Cameron says, "We have a specific budget every year and it's fairly competitive to get a grant approved, and the Pocatello Free Clinic is always high on our list because of the service they provide to the community."

That service the center provides to the community comes in many forms.

Joseph says, "So, full medical services including mental health. Also, dental cleanings."

The center also provides chiropractic services, hearing screenings and many other services for those who qualify. And while the services may be free to those who receive them, it's not free for the clinic to provide them.

It takes just under $240,000 every year to keep the free clinic running, and without grants like the one from ON Semiconductor, it would be hard for the clinic to keep its doors open to the public.

Making sure the clinic has the funds it needs to stay open to the public is the biggest reason organizations offer financial help.

Cameron says, "It's a small community and we want to make sure that our employees, and their family members, and their friends have access to health care. Especially when they might be able to afford it otherwise."

It's partnerships, like the one with ON Semiconductor, that have allowed the Pocatello center to be one of the longest operating free clinics in the country.

Joseph says, "Community partnerships with corporations are a big part of why the clinic is still able to be here for 48 years."

For more information on how you can support the Pocatello Free Clinic, visit

To learn more about ON Semiconductor grants, visit


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