One week into the 2020 legislative session at the State Capital in Boise and legislatures have a big task ahead of them.

Former State Representative Dustin Manwaring says the next big thing to happen this week is the legislature goes into committee and they will start reviewing administrative rules.

Manwaring says this year is different because last year when the legislature adjourned, they didn’t approve the big package of rules that they normally approve each year.

He says there was a period where the governor had an opportunity to review all the rules in the state and that’s where you see Governor Little reduced a lot of the regulations and regulatory burdens on businesses and occupational licensing.

“All the administrative departments had meetings across the state all summer, public meetings to go through all those rules.  They cut a lot of stuff out which is a good thing, but what it leaves with the legislature this year is and in these first few weeks of session, is they have to review all the rules, not just the new rules and so that’s a big process and it’s different than they’re used to in the times in the past.  They’ve got a big task ahead of them this year, these next few weeks to review all the administrative rules,” says Dustin Manwaring, Former State Representative.

This year’s legislative session has a target date to be wrapped up by March 20th.


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