"I'm not here to fight, I'm not here to divide. I think there's ways we can be responsible about this," said Jonny Fisher who organized a rally demanding School District 25 to reopen its schools completely.

"I'm not saying that Covid isn't real I work in health care I know that Covid is real I know that it poses risks, just like many other viruses," said Fisher.

Fisher organized a rally where many other parents showed up to send a message to the school district.

The message being "Let our kids in schools."

But this isn't a message everyone has been able to get behind.

"You know I actually got attacked and it was a little frustrating but then I got a lot of support. And so it just shows you that there's a big divide on what we want."

Not only did parents show frustration over the issue, but so did legislature like State Senator Steven Thayn.

"Well I think it's really important that people voice their opinions because freedom is about claiming responsibility for your life and your education," Thayn said.

Some parents say they've noticed a change in their children's behavior due to the hybrid learning method, including Jonny's daughter, Brooklyn.

"What happens when she goes to her lunchroom? No one's in there. She sits and eats by herself, alone," said Jonny. "We pick her up from school and she's trying her hardest but we can tell something's wrong and when we get home she just starts bawling."

As the school year goes on, many students and parents are trying to navigate this new way of life.

Although Fisher sticks by his belief that schools should reopen, he's open to speak with others who may not see eye-to-eye.

"I'm open for discussions," said Fisher, "But the discussion really needs to be about the default being going to school full-time and we're going to create these alternatives that want to stay with the online model."


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