Parents from School District 25 took to social media to raise concerns about overcrowding on school buses.

A student from district 25 took a video on the way to school that showed one student sitting on the floor of the bus and one seat with four children sharing the spot.

District 25 parent Evan Bringhurst says, "They [his children] complained about it and I didn't want to raise the alarm. I just wanted to kind of take my time with it and look into the issue, and yeah, it is concerning. It only takes one accident."

Bringhurst has six kids in the school district and after they began to complain about the bus being crowded, he asked other parents on Facebook if they had also noticed this problem.

Many had. One woman told KPVI that her children race to the bus in the morning to beat the other kids to an open spot.

The district assures parents that their children's safety is important.

District 25 Communications Specialist Courtney Fisher says, "We have 6,500 students who are signed up for transportation services, 4,200 of those students traditionally, typically, ride the bus. So, you have a ridership of 8,400 students per day and by and large we are getting those students on time to school as safe as possible, which is our priority."

The National Highway Safety Administration says there is not a federal regulation that specifies the number of riders allowed on a bus but rather, that the manufacturer sets the maximum capacity.

For the average bus, that's just under 80 students.

The video that circulated on social media showing students sitting on the floor of one bus has been investigated by the school district. Officials say they looked into that bus route. It has 61 regular riders which is well below the legal limit.

When manufacturers set the maximum capacity they usually calculate a ratio of three elementary school children per seat.

For older kids, that is not a comfortable ride and for that reason the district tries to cap its ridership at just under 60 students per bus.

Fisher says, "We could put 78 students on those buses if we needed to, but we try to keep those routes as safe and comfortable as possible."

For parents across the district, that's what they want for their kids.

Bringhurst says, "So, I'm glad the district is addressing it and I hope it does get changed."

The district says there are always adjustments that need to be made to bus routes in the first month of the school year. When school started a few weeks ago one high school route had 71 student riders, but has been adjusted since then and now only has 50.


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