Some celebrate Christmas in July.
The crew at Planet Doom decided to bring another holiday into the middle of the summer, to celebrate the near-completion of their non-stop renovation project.
"By the time we open for Halloween season in September, the word is out there. Hey, this is a really cool new thing in town," said General Manager Brent Wilson. 
In August of last year, four months after the beloved Dr. Slaughters haunted house closed its doors, Brent and Brian Wilson took over the building to create a haunt of their own.
Since then, the Planet Doom team has grown significantly, and after eight straight months of working six days a week, 80 percent of the haunt has been remodeled, with over 20,000 square feet of new scary scenes.
"We are all literally exhausted, but also literally stoked. We get to show off the result of eight months of hard work. We are like kids in a candy shop, this is our dream, and it's so much fun," said Wilson. 
So this weekend, Planet Doom is opening its doors to show off what it has in store, so far.
Even after touring parts of the new haunt, the team says even more will be added between now and their Summer Screamfest this Friday and Saturday
to show off their passion project, and raise some money for the Bonneville County D.A.R.E. program.
"This is exactly what we wanted. We've been working extremely hard, everybody here is exhausted, nobody here has made a penny, and to get the recognition from the community and raise some money for D.A.R.E. is all we could ever hope for," said Wilson.

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