Thunder Ridge High School held its Second Annual Pink Night tonight. The basketball program is helping locals in their battle against cancer.

Varsity Co-captain J.J. Biggs says, "Coach talks a lot about giving back to the community and life's bigger than basketball. And so, it's just good to give back to them."

That's what started Pink Night, giving back to something bigger than the team.

Boys Basketball Program Director Lee Toldson says, "I started Pink Night because we have so many people in our community suffering from cancer, and I just thought it would be a good way to give back to the families and let them know that they're not fighting it alone."

Last year's Pink Night raised $7,000 for the cause. This year's goal is to raise even more. All that money will go to the Shannon Wilker Foundation.

Shannon Wilker Foundation Founder Shane Wilker says, "The foundation has been going for about four years. I created it for my wife that passed away from breast cancer, and I wanted to keep her memory alive. But, I wanted to know where the money went. So, all the money and the donations we raise go directly to local cancer patients and their families to help with medical expenses."

While it's the entire boys basketball program that puts on Pink Night to raise money and awareness for those battling cancer here locally, it really is a full-out community event.

During the games, the community can bid in a silent auction. There's a lot of work that goes into getting that auction off the ground.

J.J. Biggs says, "Like shoot cleanings, window cleanings, basketball camps, baked goods, all that stuff that we prepare for the silent auction."

All that work is to remind the boys of an important lesson.

Toldson says, "At the end of the day, it's just basketball. We talk about through basketball you learn a lot of life lessons."

Community members notice the team picking up on those life lessons.

Wilker says, "I think it speaks volumes to just what a generous community we've got, but what a terrific group of young men and women we have."

For the team, thinking of others has its own benefits.

Biggs says, "Yeah. It's just bringing us together as one."

Thunder Ridge played Idaho Falls tonight. The final score for the varsity boys was 66 Idaho Falls to 48 Thunder Ridge.


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