griggs and carter

Terrence Griggs & Stacy Carter were taken into custody and treated at Portneuf Medical Center before being taken to the Bannock County Jail during this incident. 

A review by the Bonneville County Prosecutor’s Office has found that Pocatello Police officers were justified in using deadly force to apprehend a suspect in November 2017.

The following is a release from the City of Pocatello: 

Through their review, the Bonneville County Prosecutor’s Office determined that “the use of deadly force was justified to apprehend Terrance Griggs” November 30. The Prosecutor’s Office also determined “Law enforcement had probable cause to believe that the [sic] Griggs resistance posed a threat of death or serious physical injury to several law enforcement officers and many members of the community.”

Additionally, “officers had observed Griggs use his vehicle as a deadly weapon against them, as well as elude police in a reckless and dangerous manner that put everyone around Griggs at risk of death. The officers involved here not only knew of these risks posed by Griggs, but also had an obligation under our law and their oath as police officers to stop Griggs in the manner they did.” The incident was investigated by the Idaho State Police

“Thank you to the public for their patience while this incident was investigated,” said Pocatello Police Chief Scott Marchand. “I would also like to thank the Idaho State Police for their work on the investigation and the Bonneville County Prosecutor’s Office for their review.”

Details of the November 30 incident are included below and additional information regarding the case will not be released as charges against Griggs are still pending.

On November 30, 2017, detectives with the Pocatello Police Department, working in conjunction with the United States Marshals Service, attempted to apprehend Terrance Griggs for felony and misdemeanor warrants as well as other charges. Griggs had previously fled from detectives November 18. During the November 18 incident, a pursuit was initiated but later terminated after Griggs failed to yield to officers and was driving at high speeds, creating a safety hazard for the public.

Griggs was located in the parking lot at 4260 Yellowstone Avenue in Chubbuck November 30. Detectives were able to block the vehicle Griggs was driving from the rear. As officers approached the vehicle, Griggs accelerated forward, driving over a curb and onto an elevated grass area, narrowly missing an officer who had to jump out of the way to avoid being struck by the vehicle. Another officer drew his firearm and shot the driver’s side front tire of Griggs’ vehicle in an attempt to stop Griggs. This officer then had to jump out of the way of the vehicle to avoid being hit by Griggs’ vehicle.

Griggs was able to flee the area and was observed driving on Yellowstone Avenue at a high rate of speed and weaving in and out of traffic as well as down the center turn lane. Pocatello Police officers initiated a pursuit and officers were able to force Griggs’ vehicle to the side of the road inside a trailer court. Officers attempted to block Griggs’ vehicle with their vehicles. Officers exited their vehicles and began giving commands to Griggs to exit the vehicle. Griggs backed his vehicle towards officers, missing an officer who jumped out of the way. Griggs used his vehicle to try and push a police vehicle out of the way to escape. Griggs accelerated forward towards a small gap between a police vehicle, tree, and a trailer. An officer discharged his weapon in order to stop Griggs.

Griggs fled the area and was pursued by Pocatello Police officers. Griggs drove off the road in the area of the North Main Extension. Griggs and his passenger were then apprehended by officers and taken into custody. Both Griggs and the passenger were treated for gunshot wounds and were later incarcerated in the Bannock County Jail.


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