Snow is back on the menu in Pocatello, which many will celebrate.
But the mixture with rain that the National Weather Service is predicting on Thursday may cause some problems.
"We're looking at snow melt with the possibility of runoff and snow melt becoming a concern across the area," said Dawn Harmon with the NWS.
Rain on snow events don't happen often in the area. But being in a valley, they can have a significant temporary impact on Pocatello with flooding potential, something the city's streets department is trying to get ahead of.
"This time of year whenever we've plowed, snow ends up in the curb lines. And then it freezes over the top of the storm inlets, so the water doesn't have an easy path to get into the drain systems," said Tom Kirkman, deputy public works director with the city. 
So what does this mean for those who will have to deal with it?
"Over the next day or so people should probably walk the exterior of their homes, make sure any of that snow melt that may be exasperated by the additional rainfall has a place to go so it's not trapped along the foundation," said Harmon/
"Your rain gutter outlets, if they have snow packed around them, then that water has nowhere to run and that could back up and cause ice dams on your roof or flood your basements or stuff like that," said Kirkman
Kirkman says there were no rain on snow events last year, but the city saw two two years ago during the record-snowfall winter.
So while a rarity, the city is prepared, and they want the people in it to be ready too.

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