A popular drive-in now caters to the swimming pool community.

“To have to walk across all the way over there, it was rough,” says Marynn Newbold, Life Guard, Ross Park Aquatic Complex, Pocatello.

Says life guard Marynn Newbold, while drinking her favorite huckleberry shake from the new concession stand at the Ross Park Aquatic Complex.

“So having it right here in the grass where you can just sit and eat is really nice,”

With the new concession on site, swimmers have more choices and don’t have to leave the complex to have lunch.

“I love it because I think it’s super convenient because then you don’t have to leave to get food and as a lifeguard we’re not allowed to leave to go places for food,” says Torrie Benson, Lifeguard, Ross Park Aquatic Complex.

The City of Pocatello paid for the new building and permanent fixtures at an estimated cost of $50,000 dollars with in house labor.

And a contract that states Ross Park Drive-in will pay 10 percent of gross revenues over $50,000 dollars.

Now with their new building and full grill, the can share more of their popular dishes with the pool community.

“We’ve got to bring down a lot more of our food items and I think it’s really starting to take off.  What’s really nice is we’re in the action now.  We can see swimmers.  They realize that we’re here and the more people order and eat their food, the more people see it and the more people that come and get in line and order,” says Mindy Waford, Ross Park Drive-in Concession.

“I think this is a lot more kid friendly, like we have a lot of kids, ice cream, drinks, things like that down here,” says T.J. Wilkes, Ross Park Drive-In Concession.

Pool officials say having the new concession inside the complex brings more people together poolside.

“It’s great to see just the people standing here waiting for their food, kind of like co-mingling and talking,” says Stacie VanKirk, Ross Park Aquatic Complex, Pocatello.

City officials were on hand Tuesday night at the grand opening to celebrate the new concession stand.


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