Portneuf Health Trust has purchased 20 acres of land for use as the future medical campus of the Northgate Development in North Pocatello. Northgate is the first true master-planned community in the Portneuf Valley. The new Northgate Parkway, Freeway Interchange, and major utilities are expected to be complete in August 2018.

“We are very excited to partner with the Northgate developers to provide the exclusive health and medical campus to the community. The developers and our organization both believe that designing the infrastructure to walk, bike and be active creates a heathier community,” said Shaun Menchaca, CEO of Portneuf Health Trust. “We are currently working with our physician partners at Portneuf Medical Center on master planning that campus. We are expecting to start construction in the summer of 2018 and have some services operational sometime next winter.”

The development’s commercial center, the “Northgate District,” is intentionally designed for people and prioritizes walking, biking, and active use. Its human-scale design will extend from the heart of the District outward, connecting to key local and regional destinations like the Portneuf Wellness Complex, the new Portneuf Medical Campus, the Northgate Technology Park, and the Northgate neighborhoods.

A representative of the development group indicated, “Our emphasis is to design and develop a community that creates spaces centered around people and a location where future users truly feel they belong.”

The District sits in the Valley's premier location, one minute off of the new Northgate Interchange, and one minute from east Pocatello's excellent neighborhoods.

Northgate's neighborhoods are a glimpse into the future: Smart-city equipped with fiber to the home, a wi-fi blanket, and IoT infrastructure to the community and each of its homes.

At the heart of the Northgate District, the development group is designing a new Class-A outdoor mall, the only such retail destination in Southeast Idaho.


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