There aren't many singular topics that could attract around 100 people to a class at a hospital.
But, not every topic can call itself the most common killer in America.
"Heart disease is something that, everybody has it. It's the number one killer in America, the number one killer in the world. And I think this is important for people to understand it, and to really see what can I do to prevent a heart problem," said Dr. Jacob DeLaRosa, chief of cardiac surgery at Portneuf Medical Center. 
Heart disease in its many forms claims one out of every four American deaths annually.
Tuesday night, DeLaRosa held a seminar open to the public to try and educate those attending about what it is and how to prevent it.
"Really to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and to see their primary care doctor. It's really important to have a doctor, and to see the person," said DeLaRosa.
Of the many people present, a large percentage of them were women.
This was something DeLaRosa was relieved to see, because part of the seminar was to disprove the common misconception that women aren't as vulnerable to heart disease as men.
When in reality, it's the number one killer amongst women, killing half a million each year, more than the next seven causes of death combined.
"Women need to understand that heart disease also affects them as well. We're going to talk about what they need to do to prevent it, what we can do to help it, what we can do to keep them out of the operating room with me," said DeLaRosa. 
And many of those things come back to four main ideas.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle, stop smoking, exercise regularly, and eat healthy foods.

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