In September, Itati Hernandez was in a life-altering car accident near her hometown Heyburn.
She was ejected from the vehicle while not wearing a seatbelt, and ended up 20 feet away from where the car was stopped, while sustaining many injuries.
"Broken left clavicle, 4, 5 ,6 and 7 ribs broken in the front or the back I don't remember what side. And then number 8 front and back. My thoracic bones on my spine from T6 to T9, my lumbar bones from L1 to L4, with L4 being a compressed fracture," said Hernandez. 
Not to mention a fracture in her knee, with 50 percent tears in her ACL and MCL.
This was in September, and now with the exception of a few braces, you couldn't tell anything happened.
"I'm feeling good, I'm feeling really amazing. I think I feel better than I had before," said Hernandez. 
While still on the road to recovery, Hernandez has had the time to reflect on what happened.
She doesn't remember anything but waking up the next morning in Portneuf Medical Center. But meeting all of her caregivers over her time there made her realize a simple 'thank you' wasn't enough.
So Thursday afternoon, Hernandez thanked each of her caregivers individually. Giving them pins of the caduceus,  common symbol for medicine.
"I just wanted to cry. There was so much emotion, I was shaking, my legs felt weak, thanks to my brace here to keep me up. But it was just really emotional," said Hernandez. 
And with still a few procedures and rehab to go, it's an afterthought to Hernandez's thankfulness to those who saved her life.

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