When having a baby, It adds many stresses into your life, and when they are born prematurely it adds another layer to that stress.

Portneuf Medical Center uses advanced technologies and techniques to take care of the fragile infants.

One mother, Jennifer Brimhall, said "they can do some amazing things today... It really is miraculous"

Nurses work around the clock to insure that prematurely born babies can develop fully.

This is made possible by a bed that simulates what it is like in the womb.

Allison Suing, a registered nurse, said "We have specialized beds that help the babies war quiet and dark for them to grow and develop appropriately... We have specialized ventilators that are specially designed for small patients and small babies..."

But not all their methods are large and expensive. Some household items are even used to keep babies safe from the dangers of the cold outside world.

Such as using a plastic wrap to transport babies when they are outside of their womb-like enclosures.

Elizabeth O'Donnell, the Director of Neonatology, said "There’s the zip lock bag and sometimes there are even some nurseries that use an occlusive plastic wrap... That will really wrap the body to minimize heat loss from the baby."

But as technology continues to advance, the one thing that can be often overlooked is also one of the most important factors, the comfort of the patient...

Jennifer also said "The staff nurses are wonderful. They take such good care of her."

Portneuf Medical Center also participates in programs for donating breast milk for mothers who can't yet produce their own.

For more information you can visit milkbankcolorado.org


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