This year, more than one dozen people died during gun-related incidents on school grounds. The City of Pocatello Child Care Advisory Committee and the Police Department want the community to know how to react in similar situations.

Pocatello Police Department School Resource Officer Jordan Johnson says,"CRASE program which is the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events."

The training teaches attendees the avoid, deny, defend strategy which is a proven plan for surviving an active shooter event and on Tuesday night, the training focused on school-related shootings.

Pocatello Police Department Licensing Enforcement Officer Jene Purman says, "I believe it's really important for the community to participate in these things because children are our most prized possessions, and in the event something occurs like an active shooter or something of that nature, it's really important to have some basis on what to do."

To keep school kids safe, Officer Johnson discusses what was done correctly and incorrectly at past shootings as a guideline for what childcare workers can do in similar situations.

Johnson says, "Ideally, we don't want it to happen, but we want to empower people to have something in mind."

The training empowers people regardless of where they work.

Purnam says, "That gives you some basic understanding as to what to do in case and active shooter comes a location where you're working, whether it be a childcare facility, perhaps a school, something like that."

These trainings are not meant to scare the public.

Johnson says, "We don't want anybody walking around paranoid, but aware. Awareness will usually help you make better decisions even in a bad situation."

To learn more about CRASE trainings, visit


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