One of the most important things to do while being outside during the hot summer months is to stay hydrated.

With temperatures over 90 degrees, you should be drinking four to eight ounces of water every hour if you're not exercising.

If you are exercising, you should be stopping and drinking this amount every 15 to 30 minutes.

Another important thing is to make sure you get lots of salts into your body such as sodium and potassium from sports drinks so that the water you drink gets into your body faster, which helps maintain the blood volume in your body to prevent muscle cramps.

Heat exhaustion occurs when your body temperature is up to 104 degrees and some signs of this are suddenly feeling tired, dizzy, or nauseous.

Dr. Gregory Kostur, Pediatrician at HealthWest Pediatrics said, "If you do think that you're suffering from any sort of heat exhaustion, get into shade or air conditioning, remove as much clothing as you reasonably can, drink cool fluids with salts in them."

The weather will continue to be hot this weekend with temperatures in the 90s for many across Eastern Idaho.


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