Thursday is the kick-off of eastern Idaho's biggest sporting event, the Simplot Games. 
As the 2,200 competing athletes as well as hand full of former Olympians come rolling into the Gate City, the impact on the community is never overlooked.
"It would be impossible to move the Simplot Games any other location in Idaho just because of the help and volunteerism we have here at Pocatello. and of course, Holt Arena, there's not another Holt Arena with a wooden track anywhere," said Simplot Pubic Affairs Manager Rick Phillips. 
Representing 19 states and four countries, many of these athletes will travel more than they ever have to get here.
And the weather may be an issue, a Wyoming school isn't going to make the trip due to winter conditions. But on the flip-side, it's summertime in Australia and New Zealand, which can make the sharp weather change just part of what makes this a peak experience for many of the athletes.
"You know there's a few that's gonna go on to Olympic greatness and college greatness, but for most of these kids, this is it," said Phillips. 
This year also marks the 50-year anniversary of the 'Fosbury Flop' the, at the time, unorthodox method of completing the high-jump, which has now become universal.
Creator Dick Fosbury has been chair of the Simplot Games for 15 years now, and he never thought his move of desperation would become what it is today.
"They're a lot better technically than I was, because I was still developing the technique in high school, I had it pretty well figured out by the time I finished," said Fosbury. 
And now, he watches the next generation of athletes follow in his footsteps, 50 years later. 

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