Prosecutor Rob Wood responds to Mark Means' allegations

Prosecuting attorney Rob Wood during Chad Daybell's preliminary hearing in August 2020. (Post Register/ John Roark, POOL)

Wednesday afternoon the State of Idaho, through the Madison County Prosecutor's Office, which is serving as a special prosecutor in the Vallow/Daybell case, filed an objection to Mark Means' allegations of "prosecutorial conduct." Prosecutor Rob Wood also filed an affidavit in support of the state's objection.

Late Tuesday, Mark Means, on behalf of his client Lori Vallow Daybell, filed a motion to disqualify prosecuting attorney Rob Wood.

In the state's objection, the Madison County Prosecutor's Office asks the court to prohibit parties, witnesses, potential witnesses, victims and law enforcement officers from providing information, statements or evidence in regards to the two phone calls Means mentioned in his motion to disqualify.

The state's motion lists reasons to support this request, including the fact that the case is high profile and has received a "large amount of media coverage." 

In the objection to the defendant's motion to disqualify, the Madison County Prosecutor's Office lists 14 rebuttals to Mark Means' allegations. One rebuttal directly addresses the recordings between Rob Wood and both Summer Shiflet and Zulema Pastenas. According to the documents, both recordings took place in October at the Chandler, Arizona Police Department. 

In Mr. Wood's affidavit, he lists 10 rebuttals to Mr. Means' claims. In the tenth, he says, "The recordings provided by the Defense were recorded without my knowledge or consent and do not include the entirety of the conversations among me, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Shiflet, and Ms. Pastenas... I do not know if Mrs. Shiflet and Ms. Pastenas consented to the recordings or to any disclosure to any third parties."

To read all the new court documents, see the attached PDFs. To read the motion filed by Mark Means on behalf of Lori Vallow Daybell, see the attached article. 


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