Main Street Music in Pocatello has been the place to go for local musicians for 27 years.

They sell everything from guitars, drums, and band instruments to sheet music and keyboards.

The owner and manager of the music store on the corner of main street, Susan Peck says that it doesn't even feel like a job.

"I love coming to work every day still,” says Susan Peck, “even after all these years and you know what the fun part is, I learn something new every day from my customers or them asking a question and I look something up that even I didn't know and I've been doing this forever, so that's the fun part, is you get to meet different people every day and you get to learn something new every day."

And she says that she marches to the beat of her own drum.

"My store is not spotless,” explains Peck, “because I have time to spend talking to my customers and that and it doesn't have to be spotless. They like the down to earth, you know we wear t-shirts and jeans. We don't wear fancy clothes. We're just regular down to earth people."

Susan says that the key to their successful business is living by the Golden Rule.

"We get people that hop the trains and stuff and they come in and we just try to treat everybody how we would want to be treated. It doesn't matter what you look like or anything else, I mean I think that's been the key to our success is because you cannot judge a person by how they look, or how much money they have, or what they're going to spend in your store."

On that note, she says that the same rule applies for keeping long term employees.

"Being flexible, treating them how you would wanted to be treated. You know tell them that they do a good job,” says Peck.

She says that all of her employees are musicians and it's music to their ears when they get perks like cost-plus on music gear. And she says that she's also proud to be local.

"At Christmas time when I do gifts for my employees, you know where I go? I go to the small businesses to get gift certificates,” Peck explains, “so my employees will also go and support local small businesses."


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